What is a Baby Blanket Stitch?

Britt Archer

Baby blankets are a popular gift for new parents. Often handmade or embellished in some manner, these gifts are not only practical but meaningful and have the potential to become family heirlooms. Whether knit, crocheted, cross-stitched or embellished, there are some stitches, such as the appropriately named baby blanket stitch, that are more suited to baby blankets than others.

A baby blanket stitch can be used in knitted projects.
A baby blanket stitch can be used in knitted projects.

A baby blanket stitch should not be lacy or contain loose threads, due to the fear that tiny toes, limbs or fingers can get caught in the stitching. While these patterns may prove appealing to the eye, the worry that they cause new parents can far outweigh the decorative allure. To stitch baby blankets in knitting, for example, a sturdy, reversible stitch should be used. Knitting every row of a blanket will produce a sturdy, reversible garter stitch baby blanket. While not as intricate as other stitch patterns, this stitch is perfect for showing off different luxury fibers or hand-dyed yarns.

A reversible stitch is ideal for knitting baby blankets.
A reversible stitch is ideal for knitting baby blankets.

Single or double crochet stitches are sturdy and warm, making them excellent baby blanket stitch choices. This work provides simple and mindless crafting and works up into a quick crochet stitch baby blanket. Again, the use of color or texture as the focal point of the blanket will make up for the fact that the stitches are not intricate. Another baby blanket stitch suited to such a project is the popcorn stitch, in which various little bobbles are created in the fabric to create a blanket that looks as though it were pocked with popcorn.

If none of these ideas are appealing, or if a person suddenly finds the need to create a baby blanket at the last minute, purchasing a pre-made baby blanket and adding decorative touches is another viable option. To embellish a baby blanket, stitch around the edge with a crochet hook and some yarn in a contrasting or complementary color of yarn to create an elegant but simple binding. Other ideas for embellishing pre-made baby blankets include adding an applique or suitable baby blanket cross-stitch design.

The different baby blanket stitch ideas mentioned are not the only ones available to industrious crafters. To gather inspiration for a project, many people peruse designer patterns and may complete them or adapt the stitches for their own creations. Many blankets make use of other reversible stitches that are safe for infants’ fingers and toes. When in doubt about patterns or materials, needlework crafters may visit a local specialty craft supply store, where employees are trained to help with the selection of materials and patterns suitable for any occasion.

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Minky is actually a type of fabric, not a type of blanket stitch. You should be able to find the material at your local craft shop, or you may be able to order a custom made minky blanket online. Many individuals at craft shows and online craft stores will personalize minky blankets with birthdates or initials for an additional fee.


I have a newborn niece arriving soon, and I'd really like to make her a minky baby blanket. Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for this specific type of blanket, or what stitch is used to make one?

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