What Home Businesses can I Start with Very Little Money?

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Forget get-rich-quick schemes. There are a lot of real opportunities for people who want to start a business at home. No matter if you are looking for an additional income or are thinking about starting a home business as your fulltime income, there are many ventures that can be started with little to no money down.

If you have a knack for selling, you can start a home business selling face-to-face, retail, wholesale, and through home parties. Direct sales have come a long way from the Tupperware® parties of the past. You can now start a business selling anything from educational toys and cookware to lingerie and scented candles. To get started, you will need to invest on a starter kit, which usually runs under $100 US Dollars (USD) and include sample products and catalogs. Selling discount healthcare plans is another home business that can be started for next to nothing. Discount benefit plans are aimed to people without insurance and cover medical, dental, and prescriptions. A basic broker/starter kit gets you started as a seller and gives you the opportunity of enlisting other sellers and earning additional commissions.


Selling on eBay has become a very popular home business for people who have little to no money to get started. Since you can basically sell anything you have in your closet or garage that you not longer want, the only investment eBay requires is that of time. Eventually, you can start visiting yard sales or thrift stores to pick up additional items such as second-hand designer clothes, toys, and baby items. If you have a hobby that you would like to turn into a home business, eBay is also a great way to get you started. Many people sell their own crafts online as well as in flea markets, country fairs, and on consignment through local shops.

If you know a foreign language, can play an instrument, or are qualified in an academic subject such as math, you can start a tutoring home business. This is one home business you can start with no money down, since all it's required is a table and a time investment. You can also offer your teaching expertise to local community centers, Learning Annex, or retirement homes for a small flat fee.


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Post 5

You can start a pet sitting or dog walking business with very little money. Plus you start generating income straight away.

Post 3

Sunny27- I know so many stay-at-home moms that have at home businesses - and love it. I think the freedom and flexibility are such strong factors that many moms now work when they never thought they could.

A friend of mine takes calls from home for many different companies. These companies hire virtual agents to support their call centers. She selects the time slots that she wants to work and gets paid twice a month.

The company trained her and she receives periodic evaluations. This makes her feel like she is part of the team and does not feel so isolated and alone. She says that it is nice to talk to adults once in a while.

Post 2

Great article,.I agree that a home business should involve a strong interest or talent. Tutoring is an excellent choice as many tutors charge $25-30 for half hour sessions.

That is a great amount of money for doing something that you enjoy. I know a speech therapist who worked out of her home and charged $35 per half hour sessions.

She got tired of missing her child’s functions at school and wanted to devote more time to her son. Although she was earning less than when she worked in her office, she is far happier now.

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