What Fictional Film Character Has Been Portrayed Most Often?

Count Dracula is a popular fictional character that was created by author Bram Stoker in 1897. In fact, Dracula has appeared in 272 films, the most of any fictional character in history. The Count Dracula character was actually inspired by Romanian ruler, Vlad Dracula. Vlad Dracula was the ruler of Walachia multiple times from 1456-1462.

Bram Stoker published another horror story prior to Dracula, The Primrose Path, among other literary works before reaching the pinnacle of his career. His novel Dracula continued to grow in popularity over a century and is known as his masterpiece as a writer. Stoker would publish 19 novels before his death on 20 April 1912.

More about Bram Stoker:

  • Stoker graduated with honors from Trinity College in 1870.

  • Stoker began his writing career as a unpaid writer for a local newspaper, reviewing theatrical productions in the City of Dublin.

  • Bram Stoker's literary career was greatly inspired by his time working for Sir Henry Irving, managing the Lyceum Theatre in London's West End.

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I taught Science Fiction literature for 15 years and always found Dracula to be a marvelous character to study for his horror and charm, the perfect character for adolescents to identify with. Our identification with him is the deep cause of our infatuation and of his portrayals in fiction and film.

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