What Factors are Involved in Mold Remediation Costs?

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If the presence of mold in a house is suspected, it is usually necessary to have an inspection, frequently followed by removal of the substance if mold is actually found. Many homeowners attempt to be prepared for mold remediation costs before the time comes to pay them, but they vary widely. One of the most important factors of mold remediation costs is the amount of mold that is found during the inspection. Another factor of cost is whether the mold has infiltrated the building materials of the home, or if it is just on the surfaces. Finally, parts of the home may need to be rebuilt if large sections were removed due to a lot of mold, often costing a lot of money.

The first step in the mold remediation process is the inspection, at which time a mold specialist will come in to look for this substance in the home. If the specialist finds no mold, then the inspection should be the only cost of the process. If some mold is found in a fairly small area, it is typically affordable to remove. On the other hand, if mold appears to have taken over an entire wall or a large room, the mold remediation costs usually rise significantly. One factor that can affect this price is whether the homeowner can either remove the mold on his own, or at least start removing some of it before the mold removal team arrives.


In some cases, lots of mold is found on a wall, but it does not go any deeper than the surface. For example, some people may spot mold in their shower, but it can be removed using mold removal spray found at the store. On the other hand, if it appears that the mold has infiltrated the material of the home, going into sheet-rock, under floorboards, or into the wood frame of the house, these sections will likely need to be completely replaced, thereby substantially increasing the mold remediation costs. Furthermore, if the mold is this severe, special precautions, including respirators and equipment to contain the spores, must be taken by anyone involved in the work.

If the mold has gotten into the building materials and entire sections of the home need to be removed, this is usually a job for a contractor, who will need to be contacted once the mold remediation team has removed the offending substance. A homeowner who buys the material on his own or helps rebuild the missing sections of the home can often save some money on these mold remediation costs. Getting price quotes from several contractors can help homeowners get the best price for the project, allowing them to save some money on the mold remediation process.


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I am a renter, and mold is growing in my room, my child's room, our windowsills in both bedrooms, on our kitchen windowsills and in our laundry room, where the washer and dryer are.

I have wiped down once already, but it's starting to come out again, I don't know what I should do.

Can someone please help a mom? -- Lola H.

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