What Factors Affect the Cost of Dermabrasion?

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The cost of dermabrasion procedures varies based on factors such as where the treatment occurs on the body and how much skin is involved. Other factors that change the cost of dermabrasion include the seriousness of the condition that the dermabrasion treats and where one gets the procedure done. Charges for dermabrasion also might change according to whether the procedure is covered by an insurance policy.

In general, spot dermabrasion treatments are cheaper than in-depth procedures that cover a larger area of skin. Spot dermabrasion treatments cost less in part because the dermatologist or plastic surgeon who performs the procedure does not need to spend as much time working on the patient. Prices also are lower for spot procedures because the patient requires less in terms of anesthetic and painkillers.

Some areas of the body respond better to dermabrasion than others. The face generally heals very well, for example, but areas such as the back of the neck are sensitive and can scar. The cost of dermabrasion rises with the risk of injury that is associated with the area of the body treated, because dermatologists and plastic surgeons must exercise greater skill in more sensitive areas.


Dermabrasion is appropriate for multiple skin conditions, including acne, wrinkles and even tattoo scars. Each of these conditions can reach different depths in the skin. When the skin condition is severe, a dermabrasion patient usually has to get multiple procedures to get the desired results. Undergoing multiple procedures means that the overall cost of dermabrasion treatment goes up.

The costs of dermabrasion also can vary according to where the patient lives. In regions where dematology treatments are in high demand, the cost of dermabrasion usually is higher. Costs generally adapt according to the cost of living for the geographical area, too.

Regardless of geographical location, dermatology patients have options of what type of institution they’d like to use for the procedure. For minor imperfections, an at-home microdermabrasion treatment might suffice. This is the cheapest choice. Mid-grade prices are found in spas and salons that employ licensed dermatologists. Medical-grade dermabrasion that occurs in hospitals and plastic surgery clinics is the most expensive.

Insurance companies sometimes cover some or all of the cost of dermabrasion procedures if the procedure is needed because of a recognized medical condition, such as cystic acne. Policies generally exclude elective dermabrasion used exclusively for cosmetic reasons. Even if a policy covers the procedure, a doctor typically must indicate the condition that is involved and why dermabrasion can help.


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