What Factors Affect Semen Production?

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Semen production is a natural and key element of the male reproductive system, but there are things that can affect semen levels. Some men suffer from health conditions that result in low semen levels, while lifestyle choices also can determine whether semen levels are normal or low. For example, a man who follows a healthy diet is more likely to have normal semen levels than someone who imbibes in drugs, alcohol and tobacco products. Other lifestyle choices also can make a difference in semen production.

Sexually transmitted diseases are among the health conditions that affect both semen levels and sperm quality. Any type of injury or damage to the male reproductive system also can affect both. Age also plays a role in how much semen a man produces, with levels dropping slightly as a man ages.

Men who want to produce more semen but drink alcohol are often advised to reduce their consumption or eliminate it from their diet altogether, because this tends to decrease semen levels. Smoking cigarettes can have the same effect, so men worried about their semen quantity should quit this habit. Recreational drugs, especially steroids, also tend to reduce the production levels of semen and should be avoided. Even some prescription drugs may have this effect, so they should be taken only when necessary. Other lifestyle choices, including wearing roomy underwear and avoiding hot tubs and saunas, also can help boost low levels.


Once men eliminate the toxins from their life, they are encouraged to increase certain vitamins to boost semen. For example, zinc supplements are encouraged, because this nutrient can increase semen production while improving sperm motility. Amino acids are known to do the same thing, which is why supplements that contain L-lysine, L-carnitine and L-arginine are frequently recommended. It is often possible to find a single pill that contains several of these vitamins, because there are various supplements marketed toward men who are looking to increase their semen production.

Some tips do not require men to purchase anything and often result in good general health. For instance, staying hydrated is usually considered one of the best ways to increase semen production, because there is a lot of water in semen. It is usually recommended that men drink eight or more glasses of water, especially on days when they work out. Regular exercise is another way to make more semen while staying generally healthy, as long as the water that is lost is quickly replaced. Finally, men who stay near the ideal weight for their height tend to have good semen levels, while overweight men may find production drops off.


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Post 3

I never knew that alcohol and smoking is bad for semen until I got married and my wife and I tried to get pregnant. We couldn't get pregnant for several years because my sperm number and quality was poor. I stopped drinking and smoking as per doctor's orders and in just a few months, my semen production increased a lot. We have a two year old son now. I rarely drink and I've quit smoking altogether.

Post 2

@turquoise-- That's a good question. I'm not an expert on this subject but as far as I know, cooler temperatures are better for semen production than warmer temperatures. But it's not good for semen to be exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Doctors say that the reason that male genitalia hangs outside and away from the body is to keep semen cooler than the rest of the body. Semen production is negatively affected and sperm can be damaged if it becomes too warm. But too much cold is not good either. That's why when it's winter or when a male is cold, the testicles and penis retracts, to be closer to the body and to take advantage of body heat.

So neither extreme is good for semen production. The testicles should be a few degrees cooler than the body.

Post 1

Does temperature have an effect on semen production? Is it true that cold temperatures improve semen production and the quality of sperm?

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