What Factors Affect Albuterol Inhaler Dosage?

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There are a number of factors that can affect a patient's albuterol inhaler dosage. The condition the inhaler is used to treat, the age of the patient and the patient's sensitivity to the medication all come into play when determining how much albuterol to prescribe. Patients can use as little of the medication as they feel they need but there are upper limits to how much albuterol should be used in a 24 hour period.

In most cases, patients are given a standard albuterol inhaler dosage of between 108 and 216 micrograms of albuterol. Inhalers release 108 micrograms each time they are used and patients are usually told to use the inhaler only once or twice, depending on how effective the medication is. The amount of time between doses may be adjusted to fit the patient's needs, though doctors usually recommend that albuterol be used at most every 4 to 6 hours.

One of the main factors that influences a patient's albuterol inhaler dosage is the reason the patient is prescribed this medication. Patients with sudden and severe asthma attacks may use this medication only as needed, while those with mild, persistent symptoms may need to take albuterol every four to six hours in order to keep the symptoms from flaring up. This medication is also prescribed for patients with certain cardiopulmonary conditions, in which case a doctor will determine how much albuterol a patient should take and how often to take.


The age of a patient can also affect albuterol inhaler dosage. Children under the age of five are not generally prescribed albuterol inhalers, though they may still take this medication through a different delivery method. Children over the age of five may be started on a low albuterol inhaler dosage which the child's doctor may choose to increase to the normal adult dosage if a smaller amount of albuterol is not effective. The proper albuterol inhaler dosage for a child will be determined by the child's doctor, though for the most part, inhalers release a standard amount of albuterol with each compression.

A patient's proper albuterol inhaler dosage can also be affected by the patient's sensitivity to the medication. Patients who are more sensitive to the medication may use less of it that those who tolerate it well. Other patients who require more albuterol than the recommended dose are usually given supplemental asthma treatments rather than higher doses of albuterol because this medication can cause health complications in large doses.


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