What Factors Affect a Data Architect's Salary?

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When it comes to determining a data architect’s salary, there are several factors to consider that can powerfully impact the salary for better or worse. One of the biggest factors in a data architect’s salary is his level, which also determines the data architect's responsibilities. Along with the level, the data architect’s years of experience will generally add to his salary. Different businesses are willing to pay different salaries, usually based on how important this worker is to the business. The degree held by the data architect also may affect his overall salary.

As with most careers, there are several work levels associated with being a data architect. Not only does this determine what the data architect has to do and what knowledge he needs, but it also determines the data architect’s salary. For example, while an entry-level data architect may do a lot of work, he or she will rarely make more than an intermediate or senior data architect. Level can normally be increased by gaining experience, the worker asking for a promotion or displaying enough knowledge to fit into the next level.


Similar to level, years of experience also will typically play a role in determining a data architect’s salary. If there are two entry-level data architects and one has more experience, he typically will make more money. This is usually because employers will offer data architects an annual raise if their work is sufficient, though other companies also may offer more money to lure data architects into their employ.

A company hiring a data architect will often be a large determining force in a data architect’s salary. For example, if a company's managers do not understand how important a data architect can be, then it may result in lower pay. Companies that are in the computer or data industry, and those that desperately need these workers, will often pay more than companies with less data to handle.

Few companies are willing to hire a data architect unless he has a degree in computer science or a similar field. The minimum requirement for a data architect commonly is a bachelor’s degree, but someone with a master’s degree may be paid more. This is because a data architect with the master’s degree will often be considered more qualified, knowledgeable and deserving of the extra money.


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