What Factors Affect a Computer Systems Analyst Salary?

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The position of a computer systems analyst is one that is derived from the Information technology field where such people help individuals or organizations to develop or create Information Technology related applications as a means of allowing such people to reach their defined goals. A computer systems analyst salary is based on a wide variety of factors that include the level of experience or training possessed by the analyst and the type of organization or individual for which the analyst is working in relation to the ability of such employers to pay the systems analyst. Other factors that play a role in the salary of a computer systems analyst include the location of the systems analyst and the particular industry in which he or she is working.


Just like any other job position, the level of compensation is often at par with the level of experience or the quality or human capital that the individual possesses. In its application to this situation, the computer systems analyst salary will be directly affected by the quality of training and the level of experience the individual possesses, something that will be reflected in his or her quality of work. Since most companies realize the importance of information technology to their various businesses, they are often willing to pay extra in order to get those analysts who have proven themselves in the field, which in turn affects the computer systems analyst salary. Apart from human capital, another factor that affects the computer systems analyst salary is the town, state or country where this professional is situated. For instance, an analyst who is located in an area without much competition from other experienced analysts might be able to find more higher paying jobs than someone in a market that is saturated with others just as qualified.

Another consideration in the analysis of the factors that affect a computer systems analyst salary is the particular industry in which the analyst is working since some industries have traditionally paid better rates than others. The determination of the particular industry that pays better is one that is best analyzed by considering the geographical location due to the fact that industries pay differently in various countries. For instance, an analysts who works in the telecommunications, oil and gas, or banking industries in some countries tend to earn much more than those in other sectors.


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