What does "Bummed out" Mean?

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The phrase "bummed out" is typically used to describe feelings of depression or sadness. When someone is bummed out, they are generally not really happy about anything. A person who feels this way might express it by talking less than usual and showing no energy or vigor when participating in activities that normally bring them joy. They may even temporarily prefer to be by themselves until they start feeling happy again. People who always seem bummed out may suffer from depression.

Most people feel bummed out occasionally and may sometimes feel this way regularly. Things such as relationships with other people, work, and school issues could all contribute to depression and sadness when things do not go as planned for whatever reason. In most cases, these sad feelings are temporary, and a person who feels this way will likely be back to normal soon. The length of time it takes to get over feeling bummed out usually varies from person to person. Some people may be feeling normal again the same day they felt depressed, while others might take as long as a week to recover.


It is important for a person who feels bummed out frequently to understand where the line is drawn between normal feelings of unhappiness and clinical depression. Excessive gloominess that occurs several times a month and takes a week or longer to get over could be a sign of clinical depression. This is particularly the case if the feelings come about as a result of minor issues. The little things in life normally do not cause a person to become excessively sad for long periods of time. Depression is normal for everyone when major things occur, such as the death of a loved one or the end of a meaningful relationship, but the feeling should not be long-lasting.

Depression that has resulted due to life changing events will normally resolve itself over time. When a person gets depressed over small things and stays miserable for months, it may be beneficial for him or her to seek counseling. A person who is severely depressed as a result of a psychological problem, such as manic depression or bipolar disorder, may continue to get worse instead of better if he or she does not seek help. Serious depression could lead to suicidal thoughts in some people, and it is important to get help before the feelings of sadness ever reach this point. Psychiatrists can provide much needed counseling and prescribe anti-depressants to help ease the symptoms for severely depressed people.


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