What Does an Online Marketing Manager Do?

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An online marketing manager is responsible for getting results from web-based programs. He or she works with business-to-consumer (B2C) and/or business-to-business (B2B) clients to create marketing programs that fit their exact needs. Online marketing managers must understand and apply social media platforms as well as affiliate programs or other web-based tools to choose the best promotion options for their clients. An online marketing manager must also be able to stay up to date on the use of web analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Online marketing managers typically work with customers' websites to make them effective at promoting the company's products or services. Some websites for business may not contain ads, but will require compelling text with SEO techniques added so that the target audience can find the company's site when searching online for the kinds of products or services it sells. An online marketing manager typically oversees a team of web designers, copywriters and other staff who complete a website project for a client.


In the case of a client's e-commerce website, the online or web marketing manager will typically plan how to improve the text and design of the site to better sell the products. Marketing managers will typically assign a copywriter the tasks of rewriting online product descriptions that are more compelling to site visitors to convince them to purchase the items. They must often plan and hold staff meetings as well as give directives to those who report to them. It's ultimately the online marketing manager's responsibility for creating works that gets good results for clients. Online marketing managers use software to test the results, in terms of visitors to a website or in sales made, and must constantly update their skills to increase profit potentials for clients.

An online marketing manager must always ensure that client projects are completed on deadline as well as on budget. He or she may often have assignments given to him or her by a vice president of marketing or other senior staff member. Attending staff meetings and communicating with other departments to complete client projects is often necessary for online marketing managers. The information technology (IT) department as well as the sales, creative and research departments are usually strongly connected with the marketing component of a company or agency. A marketing manager must best use these departmental resources to complete profitable client projects.


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