What does an Office Automation Clerk do?

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An office automation clerk ensures all automated systems vital to daily office operations are in working order. He is generally required to have knowledge of these systems regarding their operation, maintenance and repair. In the event of equipment or machine failure, the clerk’s opinion on whether its repair or replacement is more logical and cost effective often is valued above other clerical workers.

In addition to monitoring machines and equipment, an office automation clerk may be expected to operate them as well. He often is regularly assigned tasks using computers, printers and scanners. He may be expected to be adept at operating postage meters, fax machines, copiers and telecommunication systems. Preferably, his knowledge of these systems is extensive enough for him to instruct others on proper operation.

In some business environments, the office automation clerk is required to operate and maintain other equipment, such as security monitoring devices and security gates. His job may entail checking and verifying credentials of vendors, contractors and visitors. In exceptionally secure atmospheres, he may be required to perform body scans with a handheld metal detector.

Since office equipment maintenance and operation may not be a full-time job in some environments, the clerk commonly performs a variety of administrative support tasks. His general knowledge and versatility of skills typically make him a valuable company asset. He regularly floats among departments to assist on projects as time permits.


These additional responsibilities commonly include the maintenance and updating of technical manuals and publications. He may also be required to assist with filing and archiving documents. Occasionally, he may be called upon to help with customer service and reception duties, such as answering incoming calls and greeting visitors. If he is considered to be skilled in written communications, he may be asked to review correspondence for grammar, punctuation and content.

The mailroom oftentimes uses the assistance of an office automation clerk. His discretion and judgment generally can be trusted to determine the confidentiality of incoming and outgoing mail. He may be required to make sure the mail is properly addressed and appropriate postage is affixed. If outside couriers are used, the clerk is often called upon to arrange the services and follow up on pick-ups and deliveries.

The position of office automation clerk does not require any formal education, although a high school diploma or equivalent is usually a prerequisite for consideration. Experience in office operations is highly valued, as is a good aptitude in office machine operation and repair. Workers in this position may be seeking a promotion to office automation specialist, a position that generally pays a higher salary and can offer more workplace responsibilities, challenges and opportunities for advancement.


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