What does an Interior Design Company do?

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An interior design company creates the inside environment of a residential or commercial building by using colors, lighting, textiles and furnishings to the specifications of a client. Generally speaking, an interior design company employs trained interior designers and decorators to work as part of a team in close contact with clients. Interior design companies gather ideas from the client as well as experience with interior design concepts and use this information to promote an environment that produces a positive response.

Interior design companies work with a combination of the aesthetic and psychological nature of a space with the functionality and safety of the environment overall. By using the existing structure, a skilled interior design company can implement a carefully planned out design for any area of a home or commercial building that will create a comfortable or pleasant environment. Instead of attempting to design the interior of a home or business, having a talented interior design company handle this aspect results in a more professional look.


When building or remodeling a dwelling or storefront, contractors often turn to an interior design company to manage the elements found within the walls of the building. This can be everything from walls, windows, floors, lighting and furnishing that the space needs to be functional and inviting. A good interior design company can evaluate the interior design needs of the house or building and envision the entire look and feel of the space so that a plan can be made to accomplish the vision.

Although it is a common belief, interior design firms are actually different from interior decorating contractors in the methods of design performed. The interior design company uses a system of analytical, technical, and creative methods to plan the overall environment of the space itself, rather than just cover it with decorative elements. Within an interior design company, there are multiple specializations such as house interior design, commercial interior design and even smaller aspects of interior design like lighting, textiles, furniture, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen design.

Interior design companies often work with large property management or building firms to provide all the interior design services for newly constructed buildings. In some cases, an interior design company may be hired to redo an existing office or retail space in order to create a specific branding image or promote a marketing program. For example, in many retail locations, colors and signage are used to elicit a certain positive psychological response from shoppers.


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Post 4

A home interior design company did a wonderful job on my sister's house. She had just moved into an old but spacious home, and she wanted to update its look. She had no idea where to start, so she hired a professional.

This designer was able to take even the small rooms and make them extra special. By adding new flooring and modern rugs, he made every space look elegant yet feel homey at the same time.

In the smaller rooms, the large rugs took up most of the floor. My sister loved this, because she got the feel of soft carpet without the commitment.

A few lamps and a chandelier in the dining room gave the place a whole new feel. In the bathroom, the designer installed a row of lights above the mirror that made putting on makeup so much easier. Lighting can make such a difference in the feel of a room.

Post 3

My boss hired an interior design company to remodel our office, and I was very happy with the results. We had been working under horrible lighting conditions and walking on damaged linoleum floors for years, and the manager decided that a remodel would improve employee productivity.

The design company ripped up the hole-filled floor and put down dark green carpet in its place. They also installed lighting that seemed to diffuse throughout the entire room, rather than shining down on one spot and leaving others dim.

It is much easier to concentrate now that I can't hear the loud clicking of heels as people walk past my desk. It also helps so much that I can see my computer much better than before.

Post 2

@shell4life – I like it when businesses go the extra mile to make their interiors reflect their image. My favorite furniture and interior decorating store has done this, and I really enjoy seeing the cohesive design when I shop in there. It lets me know that they know what they are doing when it comes to design.

This store focuses on modern interiors. They have furniture for sale, but they also have a sitting area for customers. The tables and chairs in the sitting area are very modern, and I am tempted to buy them every time I go there.

Also, the paintings that decorate their walls, which are not for sale, are modern art. Even the check-out counter is done in this style, with its glass top and curved edges. I am very impressed with the overall look of this store.

Post 1

My best friend hired a commercial interior design company to give her new salon a unique look. She wanted customers to associate her logo with the look of the interior, so she had its colors and shapes incorporated into the carpet and walls.

The interior designer was able to cut different colors of carpet in such a way to carve and paste her logo to the floor. He cut red and white swatches to match her logo and wove it into the rest of the solid red carpet.

The paint on the walls also matches the swoops and colors of the logo. The interior designer who worked on her salon was also a talented artist, because he did the work himself.

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