What does an Insurance Salesperson do?

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An insurance salesperson sells insurance policies. Some insurance salespeople sell just one type of insurance, while others may sell several types. For example, one insurance salesperson may sell life insurance only while others may sell life, disability, and property insurance. Some insurance salespeople work for a single insurance company and only sell that company's insurance products. Others are independent salespeople and sell insurance offered by many different companies.

An insurance salesperson who chooses to sell life insurance helps people care for their loved ones after death. These policies pay money to named beneficiaries when the policyholder dies. Health insurance is another product an insurance salesperson may sell. These policies are intended to help pay for medical care when necessary. Some insurance agents also sell dental insurance, which helps meet the costs of dental care, and disability coverage, which provides benefits if the policyholder becomes disabled.


Some insurance salespeople also sell property insurance, including policies that cover losses caused by fires, theft, and other damaging events that can affect a home or business. An insurance salesperson may also sell car insurance, helping people to stay covered in the event of a vehicle accident. He may sell insurance that covers product liability claims or malpractice suits as well. An insurance salesperson may sell insurance to individuals and to businesses, or he may specialize in selling to a single type of client. In some cases, an insurance sales agent may even sell mutual funds and annuities.

Besides selling different types of insurance, an insurance salesperson may perform other tasks as well. He may offer advice concerning the minimization of risk, and he may even offer financial planning services. Insurance salespeople also keep client records and generate insurance-related reports. When necessary, a person in this field may remind clients that their payments are due. If a client has been in an accident or experienced some type of loss, an insurance salesperson may also advise him on how to submit his claim.

The requirements for becoming a salesperson may vary from place to place. Often, companies that employ insurance salespeople prefer those who have earned college degrees. An individual may secure a job with only a high school diploma or its equivalent if he has a talent for sales or related experience, however. In many places, a person must pass an insurance licensing exam in order to sell insurance with a company or as an independent agent.


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