What Does an Engagement Manager Do?

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Working as an engagement manager is a career that involves perpetually communicating with clients. These individuals are responsible for finding client needs and delivering the product or services to meet those needs. This career can lead to a person working for a variety of companies, but involves similar job duties. These include talking to clients offline or online, researching client needs and creating strategies to meet them, maintaining client relationships, and managing a company's client base.

One of the most essential duties of an engagement manager is talking to clients offline or online. Since the clients ultimately determine the success of his company, the engagement manager must be able to effectively communicate with them. In some cases with long distance clients, he may communicate online through a teleconference. For regional clients, he would most likely meet face to face. Consequently, this career requires an individual with substantial interpersonal skills and a dynamic personality.

While conversing with each client, the engagement manager must find out what his client's needs are. For example, if he is managing a professional cleaning service, he might ask a client what his company's strengths and weaknesses are. He may also ask which services need the most improvement. This practice is essential for keeping up with competition and consistently improving the day to day operations of a company.


Once client needs and expectations are known, the next phase of this job begins. At this time, the engagement manager will brainstorm and create strategies to meet client needs. He may do this alone, or he may work alongside other company managers to come up with the best possible solutions. For example, if a client complains about insufficient floor cleaning from the cleaning service, the engagement manager might experiment with different floor cleaning products. Consequently, this job position requires an individual who can think logically and come up with solutions to a variety of problems.

Along with this, it's extremely important for an engagement manager to maintain close client relationships. In order to accomplish this, he is likely to follow up with clients after a service has been completed. He might ask for feedback and let the client know how much her business is appreciated. This practice keeps lines of communication open and often helps build long-term business relationships.

An additional aspect of this job is managing a company's client base. For example, an engagement manager might continually update a computer database with each client's information, needs and feedback. Consequently, it helps to have solid organization skills in this career.


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