What Does an Electrical Foreman Do?

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An electrical foreman is responsible for overseeing projects including the work of linemen, laborers who report to the foreman. Qualifications for the higher position include a high school education or equivalent in addition to several years work experience, most likely as a lineman, in addition to passing industry and safety training and certifications. Some of the specific tasks may include ensuring that an electrical team has the appropriate tools and equipment prior to beginning a job, selecting and managing a group of electricians, and also performing electrical tasks along with linemen.

It is necessary for an electrical foreman to be a skilled electrician who is experienced in the field of construction. In addition to taking the lead on maintaining and repairing transmission lines, this individual must communicate with different trade professionals, including plumbers and other construction workers, so that projects remain on target with timing and budget. Also, an electrical foreman is not only aware of the safety standards necessary when working with high-voltage wiring but makes sure that other laborers are adhering to those precautions as well.


On a team of electrical linemen, the electrical foreman must designate the project responsibilities, whether daily or weekly, for each member. Also, it is the job of the foreman to determine the materials needed for each job and order items accordingly. If a job is in a large building, the electrical foreman may have to communicate with delivery companies on which entrance and service elevator to use to comply with the building's rules. Once the work day is over, the foreman should make sure that the team is leaving the works pace in a clean and organized manner and that any equipment or tools are properly stored.

In order to make sure that the entire electrical linemen team is performing in line with the latest electrical standards and procedures, an electrical foreman must keep his training current and relevant. Also, every electrical job is likely to differ, and so the lead tradesman, or foreman, must exhibit problem-solving skills and an aptitude for reading technical documents. Any electrician should be physically fit so that sitting or standing for long periods of time in extreme temperatures is not considered unreasonable.

Electrical transmission lines could be high above or down below. An electrical foreman must climb telephone poles at times to reach these systems for repairs and the like. This individual must be just as comfortable climbing into holes as he or she is going underground to work on transmission lines.


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