What does an Assisted Living Director do?

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An assisted living director holds an executive position that has the responsibility for the overall daily management of a residential care home. A residential care facility differs from a nursing home in that the elderly residents are able to look after themselves for the most part with some help and supervision. The main responsibility of an assisted living director is to ensure the seniors in his or her residences are properly supported and are delivered care to meet their individual needs.

Much of the work of executive assisted living directors is administrative. They must be sure the facility is operating within all laws, including employees having the proper care credentials. Managers or directors of different departments, such as health care, may report to the assisted living director or administrator. Each manager will then supervise a team of workers. The executive director must ensure that all staff who report to him or her are doing their jobs effectively.

Following laws, such as what type of residential workers are matched with providing which kind of care, is important as otherwise the facility may be shut down. Assisted living directors select and monitor team leaders qualified in ensuring all laws are met so that residents are delivered proper care. For instance, senior residents who require some grooming and bathing help will likely need a worker with different education than a senior with medical needs. Assisted living director jobs shouldn't be confused with assistant living activities director positions.


Activities directors aren't in charge of the overall operation of a residential care facility for seniors, but rather, plan and oversee sports, crafts and other entertainment for the residents. The goal of an assisted living director is to make sure the patients are functioning well in all areas by receiving proper delivery of care. In order to achieve this goal, the directors must monitor staff in all management level departments. Many assistant living directors oversee billing functions in addition to staff training and patient care planning.

While assistant living administrators or directors work in an office environment, many of them routinely and randomly travel to inspect all departments of the resident facilities under their supervision. These directors have to be sure to catch any problems while they're fixable and adjust methods and staff as necessary to provide the best patient care. An assisted living director typically attends staff meetings regularly. He or she must be educated and experienced in human resources as well as patient care issues. Attending professional refresher classes for health care directors may be needed to keep up with laws and regulations.


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