What Does an Assistant Project Manager Do?

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An assistant project manager generally reports to and assists the project manager or director of a company or organization. Specific duties typically vary greatly by industry. Requirements for the position generally include strong communication skills, organizational ability, and computer skills. Attention to detail, data analysis, report preparation, and phone skills are other job requirements. The educational requirements for this position are established by the specific employer, and range from a high school diploma to a graduate degree.

The role of the assistant project manager is to support the project manager or project director. Whereas a project manager may address and make decisions about the larger project-related issues, the assistant generally deals with the project details. In a business environment, for example, the assistant manager may make follow up phone calls to clients, take minutes in meetings, and analyze project data. Given close familiarity with the company’s projects, the assistant may also fill in for the project manager when he is out sick or on vacation.

An assistant project manager’s specific duties often vary greatly depending on the industry and work environment. In cases where the project manager oversees a process, the assistant’s role may be limited to logistical duties and/or working strictly with information. When a project manager is responsible for teams of workers, the assistant may be involved in coordinating, planning, and supervising team members as needed. In many cases, assistants are involved in both process- and people-related tasks.


The required qualifications for assistant project managers vary across industries, companies, and specific jobs. Assistants generally possess solid organizational skills and an ability to multitask. Strong communication skills are needed to communicate effectively with the project manager, with members of the project team, and also with clients. Most jobs in this field require typing skills and proficiency in a variety of industry-specific computer applications. The educational requirements for this position vary greatly, and some positions requiring only a high school diploma while others require degrees in specific fields.

An assistant project manager may work in an office, in the field, in his home, or in a combination of these locations. If working for a large company as a telecommuter, an assistant might perform all duties from home using the phone, email, and web conferencing tools. Some assistant project managers travel extensively via plane, car, or public transportation. Others work full-time at the office of the company or organization.


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Post 3

If a project is carried out overseas, then the assistant project manager will probably have to travel too. Organizing trips and accommodation may also be part of an assistant project manager's duties.

Post 2

@ysmina-- I agree that experience is just as important for this job as the education. I have a Master's degree and I'm applying for these types of positions.

Since an assistant project manager does administrative work, along with things like data collection and supervising other employees, experience is important. Unfortunately, someone who has no administrative experience or experience in an office environment will not be preferred.

And there is so much competition these days. Lots of qualified people are applying for these jobs. So when someone who has experience as an office assistant or a project assistant applies, they will probably get hired.

Post 1

I've been job hunting for a few months now and I've applied to a few assistant project manager positions. As far as I know, the minimum educational requirement for this position is a university degree. I've not seen a job posting that mentions a minimum high school degree.

I suppose it may depend on the employer. Some people value experience over education. So someone with lots of experience in this type of position might do just fine. Ideally, I guess one ought to have both the degree and the experience.

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