What Does an Airport Manager Do?

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Whether operating a large international airport or a small community one, airport manager duties are multi-faceted. This professional acts as a point of contact for various government agencies and may also be responsible for developing and maintaining a budget for operating the airport. He or she might oversee maintenance of the aircraft and facilities or hire a maintenance supervisor to do this. In the event of an emergency, this individual may be the only one authorized to make contact with the media.

One of the biggest responsibilities an airport manager has is to make sure the facility complies with local aviation regulations. This may require interaction with agencies that deal with aircraft or workplace safety. In addition, the manager may be required to submit reports to these agencies or accompany inspectors whenever they make a tour of the facility. If deficiencies are noted, one of the airport manager duties could be to develop a plan of action for correcting them, and then following up to make sure the plan is implemented.

Another thing included in an airport manager job description might be financial planning. As an airport's chief executive, the manager must often approve plans for development, leasing contracts, and the purchase of new equipment. Responsibilities may also include overseeing the accounting department, which can include payroll and maintenance budgets.


Aircraft must undergo routine maintenance and cleaning to remain serviceable, so an airport manager might be responsible for seeing that these tasks are accomplished. If the facility is a private one, these tasks may also be performed by the manager. In a small commercial airport, this individual might supervise one or two maintenance workers who are responsible for doing this. In an international airport, there might be a maintenance supervisor who supervises a team of workers, and that supervisor could report directly to this executive.

An airport manager might often talk to television or newspaper outlets concerning significant events. This could be whenever there has been an airline crash or a violation of national security. Other times, the manager might be required to announce cancellations or delays due to severe weather. He or she might also inform the public of new developments at the airport, such as whenever an expansion project is being planned. This could be done by holding a press conference at the facility or conducting a telephone interview with reporters to discuss events as they unfold.


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