What Does an Aircraft Maintenance Technician Do?

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Aircraft maintenance technicians work to ensure that airplanes and other types of aircraft are in good shape for flying. They also inspect aircraft based on the requirements in their jurisdictions and of their employers. They often troubleshoot problems with aircraft in order to learn what is wrong with them and then apply the required fix, and may perform preventative maintenance as well in order to prevent problems from happening in the first place. Additionally, an individual with this title is usually responsible for keeping records of maintenance for each aircraft on which he works.

When an individual has the title of aircraft maintenance technician, he is responsible for making sure the aircraft in his care are well maintained. This job may include a range of tasks, including completing scheduled maintenance on the aircraft and performing routine inspections in accordance with his jurisdiction's laws. He may also handle repairs to the aircraft for which he is responsible. Additionally, some individuals with this title perform preventative maintenance, which means they work to fix potential problems before they have the chance to develop.


An aircraft maintenance technician may also be responsible for many different parts of an aircraft. Among them are the engine, landing gear, and brakes. He is usually also responsible for caring for the valves and pumps on an aircraft. Essentially, a person with this title may be responsible for any part of an aircraft that requires maintenance, including the body of the craft. Some people with this title handle preventative maintenance, repairs, and inspections while others only focus on one of these tasks.

Often, an aircraft maintenance technician has the job of keeping records of the maintenance tasks and aircraft inspections he performs. In some cases, he may have to travel for this job or accept emergency calls for maintenance help. An individual with this job may also be responsible for ordering a variety of aircraft parts as well as handling the shipping and receiving of various parts. Sometimes, he may even have the responsibility of verifying that airline parts are authentic.

The type of aircraft for which an aircraft maintenance technician is responsible may depend on the employer for which he works. Some handle commercial or cargo planes, or even corporate jets, while others might work primarily with helicopters. In some cases, however, an aircraft maintenance technician will focus on a variety of types of aircraft for his employer instead of just one type.


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