What does an Aerobics Instructor do?

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Cardiovascular activity is a way for people to lose weight, increase energy, and improve heart and lung health. One way people can include cardio in their lives is to take aerobics classes. An aerobics instructor is a fitness professional who teaches aerobics classes to people who want to improve their physical fitness.

People who teach aerobics need the ability to choreograph exercise movements to music. An aerobics instructor must also be able to plan alternate movements for exercisers at various skill levels. Novice exercisers need to perform movements that are designed for those at a lower fitness level. In contract, advanced exercisers require movements that are tailored for people possessing a higher level of fitness. It is the aerobics instructor's responsibility to create an exercise routine that benefits a range of fitness levels.

People who teach aerobics can work in a variety of settings. For example, aerobics instructors may work in health clubs, company fitness centers, community centers, and other fitness facilities. While some employers require that their aerobics instructors possess certification, other employers hire aerobics instructors who can demonstrate their ability to effectively teach a class.

Some employers require that their fitness instructors hold a bachelor's or master's degree in physical education or exercise science. Companies usually encourage all of their fitness instructors to work toward certification through a reputable fitness organization. They also may ask that their instructors become certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).


If someone wishes to become an aerobics instructor, he or she should enjoy exercising and working with the public. Aerobics instructors need to possess a caring attitude, since they often work with people who are new to exercise and may feel uncomfortable with participating in an exercise class. Fitness professionals who teach aerobics class should also possess the talent for choreography and be able to quickly devise an exercise routine for students to perform in a safe but effective manner.

Aerobics instructors who wish to advance in the field may choose a variety of avenues. Some aerobics instructors may aspire to be personal trainers. Personal trainers work on-on-one with clients who desire more personalized training from an instructor.

Other aerobics instructors may wish to become managers or directors of fitness centers. Still others may wish to specialize in a particular fitness area such as Pilates or yoga. In general, advancement in the field requires that the fitness instructor earn a degree or further certification. Those who wish to specialize in a particular exercise form will need to pursue further training in that discipline as well.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- Since your friend is already doing work as a dance instructor, she can easily add a class to her schedule that instructs people how to turn dance moves into beneficial aerobic exercises.

If your friend would like to get an aerobics instructor certification so she can shift her career path towards instruction that focuses on improving health through movement, she has a great foundation. She should be able to take some coursework to get this type of certification at a local community college.

Post 1

I have a friend who is a dance instructor who wants to use her skills to help people improve their health. I think instructing aerobics would be an ideal career path for her to take. How can she use the skills she already has to also do work as an aerobics instructor?

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