What Does an Administration Manager Do?

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Working as an administration manager is an important role that is essential for the successful operation of a business. These individuals can work in a variety of settings both small and large. While the job duties of an administration manager can vary depending on the business, the essential responsibilities are basically the same. These include hiring and training personnel, communicating with different departments, evaluating employee performance, scheduling staff meetings and monitoring business finances.

One of the most fundamental responsibilities of an administration manager is hiring and training personnel. In order to maintain optimal business functioning, it's vital to have knowledgeable and hard working employees. As a result, it's up to the administration manager to keep the business staffed and ensure that everyone is properly trained. It's his duty to review potential employee applications and conduct interviews when positions become available. Once a new employee has been hired, the manager typically aids in the training process as well.

Another important part of the job is effectively communicating with different departments within a business. While this duty may be relatively easy in a small business, it can be quite demanding in a large business. Effective communication is essential for keeping departments on the same page and making everything run smoothly. Consequently, this position also requires considerable interpersonal skills.


Evaluating employee performance is another key component of being an administration manager. In order to optimize business earnings and remain competitive, it's crucial for all employees to perform their work effectively. The manager ensures effective performance by staying up to date on information such as each employee's attendance, assignment completion, and sales records. If an employee meets his expectations, the manager will reward him. Employees who do not meet expectations may be offered counseling to help them get back on track.

Another common job duty is scheduling periodic staff meetings. During this time, the administration manager will require employees from various departments to meet up in order to discuss important information. For example, he might talk about recently added company policies, review overall company performance, or address and resolve conflicts. Since the manager is responsible for running each meeting, he will need to possess significant leadership skills.

An additional job role includes monitoring business finances. In order to stay on top of the industry, an administration manager will need to be aware of things like the company's budget, expenses, overhead costs and overall profits. He will also need to look at data and make future financial projections. As a result, this job requires mathematical skills and an aptitude for "seeing the big picture."


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