What Does an Accounting Recruiter Do?

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An accounting recruiter is responsible for identifying, interviewing and assembling a database of accounting candidates with the ultimate goal of hiring these candidates. An accounting recruiter may build her database when trying to find a candidate for a specific job opening or simply to build up a contact database of accounting and finance professionals.

A recruiter can work internally for a company. In this case, the accounting recruiter is responsible for filling any of the open accounting positions the company has. The recruiter will place job advertisements, review old resumes that were submitted for previous accounting jobs, and even ask current employees of the company if they know of anyone that fits the requirements to fill the position.

Once the accounting recruiter identifies a pool of candidates for the position, the recruiter will schedule interviews with the candidates. The accounting recruiter will also conduct the initial interview with the candidate. After each of the candidates is interviewed, the accounting recruiter decides who else in the company needs to meet with and interview the candidates. The accounting recruiter is responsible for scheduling all of these interviews by acting as the liaison between the candidates and the hiring managers.


Once everyone in the company that needs to meet with the candidates does, then the hiring manager must decide which candidate, if any she wants to make the job offer to. The recruiter is responsible for contacting the candidate to make the job offer. If the offer is accepted, then the recruiter puts the offer in writing and sends it to the candidate.

An accounting recruiter can also work for a recruiting firm. The accounting recruiter focuses on hiring accounting and finance professionals for her clients. In this case, her clients are various businesses and companies that have open positions in their accounting and financing departments. The responsibilities of the recruiter is the same whether they work as an internal or external recruiter. The primary difference may be the pay.

Internal recruiters tend to be salaried employees, while some internal recruiters receive salaries plus commissions. Most external recruiters work for commissions so they only get paid when they place a candidate in a position for a client.

Another difference is an internal recruiter stays more involved in bringing new employees into the company and getting them set up. An external recruiter stays in contact with the candidate and the client to make sure there is a smooth transition, but is not physically at the company making this happen.


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