What does a Zumba&Reg; Instructor do?

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Zumba® is a popular fitness program created by Alberto "Beto" Perez and taught in numerous gyms and exercise facilities around the world. The person who teaches the Latin inspired exercise is a Zumba® instructor. The instructors show students how to do the dance steps and tone their bodies while getting an exciting cardio workout.

The Zumba® instructor will need to know the basic Zumba® dance styles in order to teach the class. These essential dance moves are salsa, cumbia, merengue, and reggaeton. The teacher will often incorporate her own individual style and techniques into the class to make it fun. Sometimes instructors may have to modify the steps for individuals with physical limitations.

Many Zumba® instructors also teach specialized classes such as programs for the elderly and kids. Often older adults want to continue to be fit and healthy but do not know how to do it; a Zumba® instructor will show these individuals Zumba® dances that are easy to follow which will help the elderly person stay active. The music in these classes is usually energetic and cheerful which can also assist in improving the student's mood and stress level. There are also chair exercises that the Zumba® teacher can teach to people who are confined to a wheelchair.


Facilities that have pools also have instructors who teach Zumba® aquatic classes. The Zumba® instructor shows participants the same high-energy exercises but the workout is in the water to help cardio and strength. Most people who take this class enjoy the party-like atmosphere while listening to the hip-hop and international music. A lot of instructors are certified to teach Zumbatomic®, which is just for kids, while Aqua Zumba® is for everyone.

Another thing that a Zumba® instructor does is offer Zumba® toning classes. During this session, the instructor combines toning techniques with the traditional Zumba® fitness program. Students often use small hand weights or Zumba® toning sticks, which are similar to hand weights but filled with sand for people to shake. The instructor helps pupils tighten muscles, burn calories, and increase stamina.

Occasionally, Zumba® instructors will teach other fitness classes such as Pilates or yoga. The teacher may also hold Zumba® dance marathons that are open to the public to increase exercise awareness. Some instructors often host birthday parties and other Zumba®-themed social events for groups. Another important task that most instructors do is attend conventions and training classes that are offered to instructors by Zumba Fitness®.


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