What does a Warehouseman do?

Misty Amber Brighton

A warehouseman is typically responsible for moving goods within a storage facility. He might also conduct inventories of available goods. In some situations, he could be relied on to stock shelves and order merchandise. Many of his duties could require him to perform heavy lifting and stand for extended periods of time.

A warehouseman might drive a forklift.
A warehouseman might drive a forklift.

When products enter a facility via the receiving dock, the warehouseman is usually one of the first people who handles them. He might be in charge of placing goods into their proper storage area or delivering them to various departments. This employee could also make a record of the items received and note whether or not there was any damage.

A warehouseman often has to move large or awkward items from one place to another.
A warehouseman often has to move large or awkward items from one place to another.

In order to move goods within a storage facility, a warehouseman may use a variety of different methods. This could be driving a forklift, for example. In other instances, products may be transported by using a pallet jack. Small items could be hand-carried or carted from place to place on a dolly or wheeled cart.

This worker could perform inventories from time to time as the need arises. This could be so that the purchasing department could know how much of a particular item to order. It might also be to meet company requirements for income tax reporting.

A warehouseman might also sometimes be relied on to stock shelves. This is typically done in a retail environment. This person could also be required to order items that the establishment needs or is running low on.

The day to day activities of a warehouseman often require him to lift heavy items while working. He may occasionally have to place freight at levels, like on shelves, above his head. Other times, he could be required to carry awkward or bulky items from one location to another. He may sometimes work with a partner in order to accomplish this task.

A warehouseman may spend a great deal of time on his feet. This could be mainly standing in one location or walking long distances within a facility. This is often done on hard surfaces, such as concrete.

A warehouseman must usually be flexible in performing his daily routine. This is because he can often be called on to perform a wide variety of tasks during his shift. This means that this worker must also be dependable, learn quickly, and work with little or no supervision. Those who fit this bill could find one of these jobs to be a satisfying career choice.

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