What does a Wallpaper Hanger do?

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A wallpaper hanger does a number of different things, though in general they are all typically related to the proper care and hanging of wallpaper on a wall. One of the most common things that wallpaper hangers do is literally hang wallpaper on a wall. This usually entails not only properly prepping a wall for the wallpaper, but also handling the paper properly and ensuring it goes onto the wall smoothly. A wallpaper hanger may also remove old or unwanted wallpaper, as well as advise a home or business owner on how the wallpaper might look best, and he or she will also typically clean up after the project is completed.

While a wallpaper hanger may have a number of different responsibilities and tasks he or she performs, in general most of them will hang wallpaper. This usually begins with preparing a wall or surface upon which the paper will be placed. A flawless surface is typically best and the wall may need to be repaired and sanded before wallpaper is hung upon it. Old paint that is flaking may need to be removed, as well as old wallpaper that may make the new wallpaper less attractive. A wallpaper hanger will also usually apply primer or a sealer to the surface before hanging wallpaper, to ensure a strong bond between the paper and the wall as well as a smooth, attractive final product.


Once the preparation is complete, a wallpaper hanger will then usually hang the wallpaper chosen by a client. Some wallpaper hangers may also consult with a home or business owner to give suggestions for wallpaper patterns or styles, though this is not always part of their job. Wallpaper glue will typically need to be applied to wallpaper, though some types of wallpaper are treated with a dry glue to which water is added to activate the glue. A wallpaper hanger will then typically let the wallpaper “relax” and expand slightly for several minutes once the glue is applied or activated.

The wallpaper will then be physically applied to the wall, usually in measured and cut strips. This is done carefully, and each strip is placed on the wall and smoothed out before the next piece is applied to create the final product. A wallpaper hanger will typically clean up after the wallpaper is on the wall, which may include removing any scraped off paint or old wallpaper, vacuuming dust from a work area, and removing all of his or her tools and supplies.


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