What Does a Typing Instructor Do?

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Typing instructors are teachers who demonstrate to others how to properly press keyboard keys to enter data and information into computers. These individuals have to be good at organizing and should be patient when working with students who have varying learning abilities. A typing instructor essentially is responsible for teaching people the best way to use keyboards as well as assigning and grading student projects. He or she needs to be able to communicate well and must have strong interpersonal skills. Continually keeping his or her knowledge of how to use a computer and how to train others current is important in this career area as well.

A major duty of a typing instructor is to teach students the correct way to input items into computer programs. He or she tells them the proper methods for typing letters, numbers, and other symbols by placing their hands at different positions on the keyboards. His or her goal is to help students to type quickly and accurately while using proper posture when sitting at a computer. In addition, the pupils should aim to complete typing assignments without having to look down at their fingers.

An individual in this field also handles classroom planning and assessment activities. For instance, this type of professional administers typing exams in addition to grading these tests in a timely manner. The individual must create lesson plans and project requirements as well as record grades for progress reports and report cards when working as a typing instructor.


Solid communication skills are a must to work in this industry. A person who is interested in becoming a typing instructor needs to be comfortable with speaking before a large group of students. If working in a primary or secondary school setting, this teacher also needs to be able to share information with students’ parents regarding their progress in the classroom in addition to speaking with fellow instructors and supervisors about any challenges or developments they experience while on the job.

Professional development is a major part of an employment role in this field. Someone who teaches pupils how to type must stay up-to-date on computer word processing programs so that he or she can easily demonstrate to students how to operate this type of software when completing keyboarding assignments. Seminars in teaching will also help a typing instructor to know how to adjust his or her teaching style to meet the need of a student who struggles with a learning disability.


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