What does a Ticket Taker do?

Allison Boelcke

A ticket taker, also known as a ticket collector, is an employee who works at the entrances of various events, such as concerts, plays or sporting events. His or her main job duty is to ensure all customers have tickets before entering an event. Ticket takers may also have additional customer service and administrative responsibilities.

Ticket takers may work at a movie theater.
Ticket takers may work at a movie theater.

The primary duty of a ticket taker is to guard the entrance to an event. He or she is trained to have knowledge on what authentic tickets look like for particular events and how to spot counterfeit versions. Ticket takers may also be responsible for giving out programs, as well as door checks so people can leave and reenter the vicinity.

Ticket takers are typically posted at the entrance to a concert.
Ticket takers are typically posted at the entrance to a concert.

A ticket taker may also guard the entrance to press boxes in addition to the general admission entrance. Press boxes are seats that are typically reserved for journalists. He or she is responsible for knowing who is allowed into the press box and making sure no one else is admitted. This includes knowing how to confirm a journalist’s credentials or press pass.

Event arenas may have several seating sections, so ticket takers may have to read customer tickets and readily direct customers to the correct sections. Although ushers are usually responsible for showing customers to their seats, ticket takers may also be required to assist in customer seating. A ticket taker also may inform customers about locations of restrooms, merchandise booths, or concession stands.

These employees are often required to assist in customer service. If customers cannot locate members of their parties, a ticket taker may page an announcement over the intercom. In the event of customer disagreements, such as arguing over seats, ticket takers may act as mediators.

Since event arenas can hold hundreds of thousands of people, safety regulations are usually required to be enforced by all employees, including ticket takers. They must know where all fire exits are located so they can direct customers in case of emergencies. While guarding the entrance, a ticket taker may have to ensure customers are not attempting to enter with illegal or unsafe items.

A ticket taker may also contribute to administrative work. He or she keeps track of the number of tickets that have been turned in, and turns the final tally into the arena manager. Ticket takers may also assist in arranging pamphlets or other marketing displays.

These workers tend to perform the majority of their work prior to the actual events. During the event, they may be allowed to watch for free unless customers request their assistance. Once an event is over, ticket takers ensure that customers leave in a safe manner.

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