What does a Technical Recruiter do?

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A technical recruiter specializes in identifying good candidates for job positions in the technology industry. Some technical recruiters work independently, while others are employed by a company's human resource department. The technical recruiter works with both hiring managers and candidates to ensure a good fit between employee and job role and may take on a significant role in the hiring process. Independent technical recruiters often work on commission, receiving compensation only if their candidate is hired by the employer.

Key to a technical recruiter's success is his ability to find potential job candidates. Depending on the technical recruiter's experience and connections, he may spend a great deal of time at job fairs, universities, and industry conferences in an attempt to meet students and professionals to add to his network. Technical recruiters may themselves have experience in the technology industry, and those who place candidates in very high-level positions must often possess a strong understanding of the particulars of the position, including significant technical knowledge and the industry, in order to facilitate a good match.


Many technical roles require specific skill sets, and it can sometimes be difficult to find a job candidate who has the required skills, experience, and character for the job. The technical recruiter begins her search for the right employee by first discussing the position with either the hiring manager or human resources representative who is overseeing the hiring process. She will find out about the job's requirements, and if she is unfamiliar with the employer, she'll also try and learn something about the company's culture so as to ensure that the candidate's personality will mesh well with the organization. She should also be familiar with the hiring policies of the organization, including background issues, such as criminal records or financial problems, along with pertinent hiring and anti-discrimination laws.

Depending on his situation, the technical recruiter may already have several possible candidates in mind for the job. If he is unaware of any suitable candidates within his own network, he'll begin a search. This typically involves combing online resume services, but the technical recruiter may also begin a search for candidates by targeting successful individuals who are working at other companies. Once he makes contact with a possible job candidate, he'll begin the process of vetting the candidate's credentials and possibly conducting a preliminary interview. If the recruiter thinks that the candidate is a good fit, he can present the candidate to the hiring manager.


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