What Does a Technical Architect Do?

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The design of buildings generally requires the expertise of many professionals. Architecture can influence the look, appeal, and safety of a building, and achieving the best results often depends on having the most skilled workers in the field. A technical architect often serves to coordinate different teams and provides guidance on engineering principles. Sometimes the direct link between project developers and those managing it, he or she typically has knowledge of current technologies to consult with clients on which to use. The many skills and abilities usually needed to hold a technical architect job can be learned at the college or university level.

Architectural technology and development methods are usually instilled in such professionals. Communication skills are generally important as well, because a technical architect often speaks to and writes for various clients and staff members in a corporate setting. The job can also include work with database, engineering, and word processing software, along with other computer systems. Since he or she often works with multiple clients on a single project, an ability to communicate solutions at the customer level is usually essential.


The various technical architect duties can span a few projects simultaneously. For each one of these, he or she often needs to work directly with the components of the structure and their design. Proper materials sometimes need to be selected when others do not stand up to the task, and the architect sometimes has to interview technical experts and discuss alternative solutions with clients. An ability to troubleshoot when an issue arises is generally an invaluable skill, so one can quickly come up with a solution to a problem.

A technical architect many times has to monitor each project closely, as well as prioritize work tasks to be most effective at his or her job. These tasks usually have to be scheduled throughout every phase of the project. The job can also require the writing of technical documentation, so knowledge of all of the scientific terms and concepts being implemented is typically required. A technical architect can also serve as a team leader as issues are analyzed and fixed.

To become a technical architect, one must usually complete a college or university program, and then become certified. A background in software development is typically needed as well. The job often involves working under pressure to meet deadlines, but can also consist of projects from clients around the world. It is often necessary, therefore, for one to accommodate the technical and local regulatory needs of clients in different countries, as well as those of various cultures.


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