What does a Tax Professional do?

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The tasks a tax professional performs depend on his specific job description. For example, the job of a tax preparer may differ somewhat from that of a tax advisor or agent. In general, however, a tax professional often has the job of preparing tax returns and other tax-related documents, answering questions related to tax issues, and submitting forms and payments on behalf of their employers or clients. A tax professional may also be responsible for record-keeping tasks, communicating with tax agencies, or even providing legal representation for employers or clients.

One of the most well-known jobs a tax professional may perform is filing tax returns and related documents. Often, a tax professional takes the documents provided by an employer or client and uses them to determine how much income a taxpayer has in a given tax year as well as his tax liability for that year. With this information at hand, he can then figure out how much the taxpayer owes to a tax agency or how much money the taxpayer is due in the form of a refund.


Tax professionals may also have the responsibility of keeping financial records for clients or an employer. A person with this title may record income and debits and complete required tax documents throughout the year. Sometimes a person with this title may also submit tax payments for his clients or employer. A tax professional may also create strategies and provide advice for the optimal handling of a taxpayer's finances and find legal ways to ensure that the taxpayer pays the least amount of money possible in taxes.

In some cases, a tax professional acts as a representative for his clients or employer, and in this role, he may communicate with tax agencies on a taxpayer’s behalf. In the event the taxpayer is the subject of an audit, a tax professional may also help a taxpayer understand his rights, assist the taxpayer with gathering the documentation he needs, and attend audit sessions with the taxpayer as his representative.

Sometimes a person with this title is also licensed to practice as a lawyer. In such a case, he may provide a range of legal help for his clients or employer. He may answer questions that involve tax matters, represent taxpayers in audits and hearings, and provide advice concerning numerous tax matters. A tax lawyer may also provide legal representation and advice to tax agencies.


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