What does a Survey Technician do?

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A survey technician is responsible for determining the size and layout of a plot of land through different methods of measurement. Oftentimes, survey technicians will be hired by a local government to survey land. They are also commonly hired by real estate and construction companies, industries in which land size must be accurately measured. Knowing how to use specialized tools and technology is a very import part of being a land survey technician, as these ensure accurate and precise measurements.

In order to determine the size and layout of a certain piece of land, survey technicians must perform a variety of calculations. Survey technicians must know these calculations very well, since there are many occasions where they must produce results while in the field. Doing so allows them to make good decisions while performing their duties. Architects and city planners are only a few of the many different types of people who require this information.

Sometimes, land which needs to be surveyed will have pre-existing structures built upon them. Survey technicians often find themselves measuring city blocks, roads, or housing developments. This can be presented as an obstacle for many survey technicians, which is overcome through the use of specialized tools and calculations.


The duties of a survey technician are not exclusive to measurement and calculations. Survey technicians are also responsible for reporting their calculations and findings to the people who need them. Since many survey technicians are employed by the government, their calculations and findings are available to the public. While this does not mean that they need to make their reports aesthetically presentable, they should avoid errors. To ensure accuracy, surveying technicians keep accurate and detailed notes while working in the field.

A survey technician is also responsible for making sure the land being surveyed is safe for both workers and pedestrians. This is required because, on many occasions, surveying work often interferes with traffic flow. A survey technician is also responsible for making sure the surveying area is safe for both workers and pedestrians.

To do this, survey technicians must set up traffic control and safety devices so that traffic may be controlled in a safe and efficient manner. Not only does this protect pedestrians, but it also allows for surveying technicians to work in safety. If surveying work is being done on a road, a surveying technician may also be responsible for flagging and redirecting traffic around workers and equipment.


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