What does a Support Representative do?

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What a support representative does typically depends on what type of support he or she provides. There are different fields in which this type of support can be provided, though technical or tech support and customer support are the most common. Tech support often includes helping people figure out how to properly identify a problem or issue with some piece of technology and then finding the most practical and helpful solution for that issue. A customer support representative will usually talk to, listen to, and help customers of a company in regards to problems they may have and work to find a helpful and rewarding solution for the customer.

In general, a support representative will usually work over the phone or Internet to help customers or employees of a business resolve a variety of issues. Support representatives may also work at a store location, however, to help with any issues in person, though this is somewhat rare and it is often easier for all of the support staff to work together at a single location. A technical support representative will usually work over the phone or through an Internet chat program to help with technical issues customers or employees may have.


For example, a tech support representative working for a computer company will often answer calls from customers who have questions about their computer. If a customer receives a new computer and is unsure of how to use certain features, then he or she may call and talk to this type of representative for assistance. Someone may also have issues with a computer having errors or similar problems and require a technical support representative to help him or her find a solution. Many companies will also have these types of tech support staff for helping other employees handle technological issues with hardware or software used within the company.

A customer support representative, sometimes called customer service representatives, will usually provide assistance to customers of a company over the phone. This can include issues where a customer is unhappy with service provided by other employees, cases of an opposite nature where customers wish to compliment the efforts of employees, or situations in which customers are displeased with a product. These types of situations are especially common for companies that sell through catalogs or online, since there is often no physical location to which an item can be returned. A customer support representative will usually be expected to listen to a customer and find ways to solve issues the customer may have to ensure the customer is satisfied and more likely to provide future business.


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