What does a Store Manager do?

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The particular duties of a store manager will vary from store to store and from industry to industry, but in general, a store manager will be responsible for managing employee schedules and payroll; addressing any issues pertaining to sales figures; addressing employee firing, hiring, and performance issues; and delegating other responsibilities to ensure the store operates smoothly and successfully. The store manager will also often deal with customer complaints, communications with vendors, the management of loss prevention, and any other issues that may arise during day to day operations of the store. Most importantly, the manager adapts to a variety of situations to ensure the safety and satisfaction of both customers and employees.

Depending on the size of the store, the store manager may be the only person with the keys to the store. This means he or she is responsible for opening and closing the store every day. A regular opening and closing routine will be established by the store manager, and such routines will usually include cleaning the store, stocking shelves, counting register drawers for accuracy, and ensuring that the store is ready for shoppers.


Managing employees is perhaps the most challenging duty of a store manager. He or she is responsible for hiring and firing employees, and ensuring all employees get paid promptly and properly. Managing the schedules of employees may be particularly difficult, especially in larger stores, and the manager must ensure all shifts are covered every day of the week. A manager must be diligent about monitoring employee behavior and performance, and he must ensure each employee is praised for good work; poor work must be addressed as well, which is one of the less pleasant aspects of the store manager position.

Customer satisfaction is a high priority for a manager. He or she must ensure displays are attractive and easy to navigate, returns are done quickly and easily, and make sure employees are treating customers with respect and helpfulness. The manager must also address any issues that may cause a customer to become unhappy with the store's service. Dealing with hostile customers can be difficult, and unfortunately, customers rarely ask for the manager to tell him how great the shopping experience was. It does happen on occasion, and a manager must be sure to receive such praise graciously.

Loss prevention is a critical part of being a manager as well. Many stores have loss prevention departments that monitor the store at all times. They are on the lookout for theft, and when a theft does occur, it is the manager's responsibility to get in contact with local authorities. A good store manager will implement strategies to prevent shoplifting in the store before such theft occurs.


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