What Does a Sports Instructor Do?

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A sports instructor is a person who is responsible for teaching a group or an individual the rules and techniques for playing a specific sport. These instructors may be hired by private companies such as gyms and fitness centers, training facilities, or recreational companies to provide instruction to customers who want to develop a specific set of skills. No specific level of education is necessary in order to become a sports instructor, but that person will need to have significant experience and skill within a certain sport. College degrees are usually not necessary, though many employers do prefer candidates who have earned degrees.

Most sports instructor positions are sport-specific; that is, the instructor is likely to teach skills and techniques for one sport rather than many, though some instructors are well-versed enough in a variety of sports to be able to instruct others efficiently. Additional training for all sports instructor positions will include first aid and CPR so each instructor is prepared in the event of an emergency. Some instructors may even need to be certified by specific governing bodies that regulate specific sports or athletic training, though others may not need such certification.


Some of the job responsibilities likely to be tackled by a sports instructor include preparing new athletes for a particular sport by developing training programs; instructing participants how to perform specific motions or actions relating to a sport; teaching about muscle building and recovery techniques; discussing healthy habits such as eating right, exercising, resting, stretching, and staying away from drugs and alcohol; and teaching participants about rules, regulations, safety procedures, and safety equipment. Generally, the sports instructor is responsible for the safety of participants of a sports workshop or lesson, and he or she must adhere to proper procedures to prevent injury to himself and participants.

Effective communication skills are extremely important for any person striving to be a sports instructor. That person must have a desire to work with different types of people, effectively convey complex ideas, and look out for the general welfare of others. The instructor must also have a passion for the sport that he or she instructs. A thorough knowledge of each game must be gained in order for the instructor to be effective; a cursory knowledge or sports is a good start, but the best instructors know the rules of each sport, the best procedures for performing well in those sports, and training methods that will improve a person's performance in the game.


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Post 3

@Animandel - If money is a big concern then don't bother with the sports baseball classes. I'm sure the videos do a good job of teaching your son. However, all things being equal, I think a live person teaching kids is better than a video. The interaction between teacher and student is very important. You can't ask a video to clarify some technique or explain something you have a specific question about. A real sports instructor can do this.

Post 2

The baseball league that my son plays in is offering special classes with a sports instructor this year. Unfortunately, the classes are not free. In fact, they are relatively expensive in my opinion. I don't mind paying the extra money if the instruction is worthwhile, but I don't want to pay someone to teach what my son could learn from one of his regular coaches or from his father.

We bought him these great instructional videos that cover virtually anything he could possibly want to know about baseball and then some. The videos have really helped his game and his confidence. I have my doubts that a sports instructor is going to add anything new.

Post 1

I coach youth sports. I usually volunteer at one of the recreational centers in the area because they have such a difficult time finding conscientious coaches who are going to take the job seriously and work well with the kids. Having played sports most of my life, I know the basics and then some, but teaching the sport is not the same as playing the sport.

I think sports instructors would be a good source of instruction for coaches who are not accustomed to teaching sports. I am going to suggest to the recreational center that they have a sports instructor come out and do a class for coaches. This would be a great help.

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