What does a Software Development Firm do?

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A software development firm has many responsibilities related to creating new software and web applications. Firms in this particular field are hired by companies to produce better designed web pages, create mobile applications, and code software which serves the interests of the company. Many freelance web development firms also provide security infrastructure and encryption services.

Businesses usually need website landing pages that attract potential customers and demonstrate the business's capabilities. They may hire a software development firm to design a custom website for this purpose. Such a website project includes much more than innovating front-end, consumer-facing designs. It also includes converting all applications into web-based applications that store data through cloud computing. Computer programming languages used to create these cloud services include PHP, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Java, and MySQL.

Another function of a software development firm is to create new mobile applications for clients. Mobile technology is a burgeoning field, and one in which a great deal of companies are trying to gain a foothold. By bringing on a firm or a freelance web developer to design, create, and deploy interesting and useful applications for mobile devices, companies can better market to their target audience.


Developing a website specifically for the mobile platform, commonly referred to as a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) site, is another way that companies utilize outsourced software developers. A good software development firm will create a WAP site in such a way that it works across many different types of mobile platforms including smartphones and basic mobile flip phones. Oftentimes, the firm will create the mobile website using either Wireless Markup Language (WML) or Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and host it using one of the firm's servers.

Coding customer relationship management (CRM) systems has become an increasingly popular task that clients request from net developers. Using technology to manage customers and track the sales process is very scalable and efficient for businesses. Software development firms that can create a viable, custom-made CRM platform are highly valued. Firms will consult with clients to learn about how they want to manage customers and the way in which they intend to use the CRM software.

Naturally, because the Internet is easily accessible to many people around the world, online security becomes a concern for both small and large businesses. Developers have taken on the task of implementing network security solutions for clients. These solutions can include instituting network proxies and firewalls, developing a complex authentication and password system, and installing a workable antivirus program.


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