What Does a Social Media Coordinator Do?

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With traditional, offline marketing techniques giving way to online marketing techniques, many businesses choose to employ a social media coordinator. These individuals must be Internet savvy and understand how to implement social media as a legitimate marketing tool. In turn, there are five essential job duties that a person in this position is responsible for. These include setting up accounts on social media websites, updating those accounts, monitoring comments, interacting with the community on each website and keeping track of statistics.

Before any other duties can be completed, it's necessary for a social media coordinator to first set up accounts on certain social media websites. This may include social networking sites, forums and social bookmarking sites. In addition, some individuals might also set up a blog or create podcasts for the business. The basic aim is to connect with as many people as possible and get the maximum amount of exposure.

Once the initial accounts have been set up, the real work begins. A social media coordinator spends the majority of his time updating each account in an attempt to attract and retain visitors. As a result, he will be responsible for continually posting business news and keeping the public aware of things like events or special offers. This means that the individual will need to have solid writing abilities, including excellent spelling and grammar skills.


In addition to creating content for a blog and other websites, the coordinator will also need to monitor comments. This mainly includes deleting spam and making sure that comments are positive and void of profanity. Doing so establishes credibility for the business and prevents spammers from saturating websites with annoying ads.

Another important aspect of the job is consistently interacting with the community on each website. It really doesn't do a business any good to go through all the trouble of setting up websites and social media profiles if it doesn't engage its audience. Consequently, a social media coordinator is required to respond to user comments and start online discussions. In most cases, this interaction helps attract more users and new customers. Capitalizing on popular social media often helps a business grow its reputation.

Additionally, a social media coordinator will also need to keep track of website statistics. For example, he might use an analytics program to determine how much traffic each website or profile receives and where the traffic is coming from. He will then use this information in order to optimize future online marketing techniques.


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Post 5

I haven't grown up using computers, but I am learning my way around and learning how to create social media sites as I want to have my own business one day in the near future.

I am not in my 20's, nor am I in my 40's or 50's, but that doesn't mean I am not interested in learning how to build social media sites. A lot of older people feel the same way I do.

Yes it is confusing, but a lot of the time we don't have anyone to show us how to go about it. Learning new things is a part of life no matter how old you are, but I noticed with older people they are uncomfortable being taught about computers and different sites by their younger counterparts because they are afraid of being replaced. Regardless of age, we all need to work together.

Post 4

I've actually seen several job listings for social media coordinators recently. I think this is a fairly new kind of position, though. I don't remember seeing very many advertisements for social media coordinators, say, five years ago.

Most of the ads I've seen ask for evidence of experience. They want you to show them a blog you've worked on or a Facebook fan page you've built. Sometimes they ask you how many followers you have on Twitter! Definitely a different set of requirements than a lot of other corporate jobs!

Post 3

@JessicaLynn - I'm sure there are some people who are over 50 that are also social media geniuses. It seems like a pretty sweeping generalization to say that all social media coordinators must be young people.

Anyway, the thing that interests me the most about this job is the fact that (as far as I know) there isn't a degree that prepares a person to do this. I've never heard of a degree in social media! This seems like a job where you would pretty much learn by doing.

I'm even sure what kind of degree a company would look for when hiring someone to do this job. Maybe English or marketing?

Post 2

I'm in my twenties, so I pretty much grew up using the Internet. Setting up a social media account or page is no big deal for me. However, I've noticed that some older adults have all kinds of problems with something I think is totally self-explanatory.

At my last job, my boss (who was in his 50s) had me set up a Facebook page for our agency. I remember trying to explain how to access the account and post to the page and he just did not get it at all. And it was almost like he didn't care to learn either!

I think a lot of people in their 40s and 50s share his attitude. So I bet most people who work as social media coordinators are probably fairly young.

Post 1

If you are computer savvy, and are proficient at using social media sites, a job as a social media coordinator may be something you are interested in.

This is something my son began doing on a part time basis for some extra income, and this is now his full time job.

There are many small companies out there who realize the importance of having their business on the major social networking sites, but have no idea how to do it right. It can also be overwhelming as there are so many ways to get started, that many do not even know where to begin.

They are more than happy to pay someone to take care of this

for them. It saves them a lot of time and can make a big difference in potential business when it is done correctly.

He meets with them to determine their needs and sets up the accounts accordingly. Most companies will pay him on an ongoing basis to keep the accounts monitored and current.

He absolutely loves this job as he gets to help people, and this is an area that he excels in.

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