What Does a Saw Filer Do?

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A saw filer is in charge of sharpening or repairing a variety of saw blades when they become dull or damaged. These individuals are experts in identifying the nature of saw blade malfunctions and effectively fixing them. Generally speaking, a person must complete a vocational training program and obtain certification before getting into this career. Being successful as a saw filer usually requires a person who is skilled at using tools and someone with an eye for detail. Some common duties associated with this job include maintaining and repairing saw blade damage, communicating with customers, and ensuring safety standards.

Assessing saw blade damage is typically the first thing a saw filer will do for each assignment. This may include examining the teeth of a blade and looking for dents, scratches, cracks or any other abnormalities. Since there are multiple types of saws like circular and handsaws, it's important for an individual to be knowledgeable on each type and be able to spot defects.

It is usually necessary to communicate with customers prior to beginning an assignment. Since some customers may want a saw to be repaired to meet certain specifications or want the job performed a particular way, it's necessary to discuss the details. Consequently, it's beneficial for a saw filer to have considerable interpersonal skills and an approachable demeanor.


Once he has a clear idea of the specifics of a project, a saw filer will make necessary repairs, which can vary from blade to blade, but might include sharpening the teeth or hammering out dents. In the case of cracks in a blade, he may need to perform some welding as well. To return a saw blade to normal functioning, it's usually necessary for a saw filer to use various tools and equipment in a shop such grinding wheels.

Another big part of this job revolves around maintaining equipment; to ensure quality work, a saw filer must routinely inspect his equipment for functionality, which may involve examining grinding wheels, oiling machine parts and occasionally replacing parts. A saw filer also works to ensure safety standards. Due to the potentially hazardous nature of this occupation, he will need to maintain an adequate supply of safety items like goggles, gloves and other protective gear. In addition, he will need to routinely clean his shop and keep it clear of debris or other obstacles.


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