What does a Satellite Installer do?

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A satellite installer is a person who sets up a dish on someone’s property to pick up television or Internet broadcast directly from a satellite. In addition to the installation of the dish, there is usually a reception box of some sort that also needs to be configured. A big part of the job involves figuring out the best installation strategy on each person’s property, taking into account all the unique elements of the location and the position of the satellite in the sky. Generally speaking, a satellite installer will usually either work for the company that makes the dish device or for a subcontracting company.


The first step in the job of a satellite installer is usually figuring out exactly where to install the dish. In some cases, there will be trees or other obstructions that might block satellite reception, and the installer generally has to find the best location to avoid these problems. Sometimes that may involve installing the dish on the side of the person’s house, or perhaps putting a pole into the ground that can raise it to a particular height. A satellite installer will also usually need to know all about the methods required to secure the dish, whether it be to the house or out in the person’s yard on some kind of pole. In some cases, there is the need to put cement into the ground as part of the process, and usually a ground wire is installed to help protect the unit from lightning storms.

Once the dish is in position, the installer generally has to fine-tune the reception. This normally involves making very small changes to the direction of the dish, often while looking at a small monitor with a reception readout. There is also usually a need to run wire into the person’s house, and most companies require that this be handled in a very professional way. For example, the installer may have to dig a trench to bury the wire so that it isn’t visible and drill into the house to make a hole for bringing the wire inside.

In addition to these duties, a satellite installer will normally need some decent people skills. A large part of the job involves entering someone’s home. The installer needs to know exactly how to avoid making the person feel uncomfortable and has to show a lot of respect for a person’s privacy. Sometimes people may be less polite, and the installer will often be expected to tolerate that to some extent.


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