What does a Reservationist do?

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A reservationist is a critical part of any workplace where advance notice of visits is required. Hotels, travel agencies, spas, and restaurants are all types of businesses where a reservationist may find employment. There are several important skills for a reservationist to have, but first and foremost they must be good customer service representatives.

In many jobs, the tasks of a reservationist are folded in with other duties, such as secretarial work or greeting. Many reservationists have a wide set of skills thanks to the large market for this type of work. When applying for a job in this industry, it may be wise to have a resume that contains skills relevant but not necessarily required for the position. This will let the employer know that a job candidate may be useful in other capacities as well.

Reservationists must have the ability to schedule things efficiently. In most jobs, the primary duty will be speaking to customers and arranging their visit. It is extremely important to avoid double booking or overbooking resources, as this can create a bad image for the workplace and reflect poorly on the reservationist. Most jobs that involve reservations have software that enters the data instantly and can warn of booking issue, but this method is not always foolproof and should be double checked to avoid problems.


The customer service aspects of this type of job allow reservationists to be a wealth of information and help for the customer. Reservationists may need to discuss rates and special packages with customers, and have general information about the business and the services offered. Even having pertinent information such as nearby available parking or good local businesses can be helpful when dealing with customers.

Some companies will want reservationists to have an excellent memory for regular or VIP customers. Remembering the preferences and whims of these A-list clients can go a long way toward improving their visit and may help score points with employers. Consider keeping a file of any regular customers so that their favorite room, table, or stylist can be reserved for them.

Another task in some positions is called upselling. Companies generally hope to make as much money as possible from customers, so it often falls to the receptionist to push profitable deals and more expensive services. It is important not to pressure the customer when upselling, or make them feel uncomfortable or only desirable if they are wealthy. Tell them about the advantages of more expensive goods or services, but remember it is their money to choose to spend.


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