What does a Qigong Healer do?

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Qigong healing is based on a Chinese medicine concept that proposes that life force energy, known as qi, should flow through the body smoothly and freely. At times, various conditions can cause qi to become blocked or stagnant. A qigong healer will assist the patient by performing treatments to move the qi, which allows the patient’s body to heal itself. Qigong can also be practiced by individuals for their own benefit.

In Chinese medicine, the body has energy channels that run down the front and up the back. Certain areas of the body, which are known as dan tiens, are centers for qi. For optimal health and well-being, qi must flow freely though the channels and centers. Some factors that can cause qi to become blocked or unbalanced are weather, diet, and injury.

A qigong healer has learned to harness her own qi, and this is typically done by a series of exercises that encourage qi to be accumulated by the healer. The healer will also have learned to sense the flow of qi in others and to detect any blockages or imbalances. She will have learned techniques and protocols she can use to treat various conditions or diseases. Qigong healing techniques may include breaking up any blockages of qi, brushing away excess qi, or giving qi to a patient who lacks it. The protocols for specific conditions may call for a series of techniques performed in a prescribed manner.


Qigong healing practices are ancient, and there are many variations. A healer will need to train in at least one of the traditions. Some traditions are quite difficult to learn, and the student may need to devote years to study. Other traditions are far easier to learn and require less of a time commitment. Anyone who would like to become a qigong healer may wish to research various training methods and facilities to find a reputable program.

Benefits of qigong healing are that it is comfortable for the patient and has few to no side effects. The healing may be physical, mental, or spiritual. Studies indicate qigong healing’s value in treating certain disorders, including depression, chronic pain, and diabetes. No treatment can be guaranteed to cure all conditions and if a healer states otherwise, the patient should be alert to a potential qigong healing scam.

Those seeking treatment should find a qigong healer who has had training with a reputable Master or training facility. Ideally, the patient will find a healer with significant qigong healing experience. Depending on the patient’s disorder, conventional medical treatment may also be advisable.

Real qigong healing can be practiced by individuals for their own use. Patients are able to learn healing qigong techniques and assist in their healing process. Healthy people may also wish to learn qigong healing techniques to maintain their physical and mental well-being.


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