What Does a Project Scheduler Do?

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A project scheduler creates a master plan for an assigned project that includes timelines, required resources, the order of needed tasks, and the responsibilities of each project team member. Project schedulers are generally proficient at using software applications to record and track this information. They also make frequent updates to the daily project schedule and provide feedback to the team on how their completed tasks are affecting the overall project progress. Many project scheduler jobs are in fields such as construction, software development, or engineering. A scheduler usually works closely with a project manager to ensure that project milestones are met efficiently and within prescribed budget constraints.

Typical project scheduler jobs require the use of software to enter start times and deadlines for each phase of a project. This timeline is usually linked to a spreadsheet of tasks that shows the steps to completion on a daily or sometimes an hourly basis. Project scheduling software will also usually include space for the scheduler to record any notes on tasks that need to be redone or that may be falling behind the rest of the timeline. In the case of such problems, a project scheduler will normally come up with viable solutions such as assigning additional resources or delegating work to different team members.


Project schedulers often plan the needed resources with input and guidance from the project manager. A resource can be a worker with a specific skill set, a tool such as a software application, or a set of building materials. In industries such as construction, a scheduler is also usually responsible for listing the required materials and tools as well as noting which project tasks will require each one. Some project schedulers may be required to research the average costs of materials and help the project manager plan the estimated total cost based on this information.

Other project scheduler job duties involve giving and receiving feedback with different members of the project team throughout the entire timeline. A scheduler is typically required to have good communication and interpersonal skills for reaching the best possible project outcome. Changes to the schedule are usually common with various projects, and a skilled project scheduler is able to minimize any potential setbacks from such changes. Project schedulers are also usually required to keep the team updated on any changes and to provide them with any information needed to keep their tasks on schedule.


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