What does a Production Manager Assistant do?

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A production manager assistant is someone who helps to implement many of the various tasks involved in producing film or television footage. A production manager assistant might focus on assisting a specific production manager. In general, this type of production assistant helps to set up and optimize the work of producing broadcast media.

Many who are unfamiliar with the television and film industries might think that a production manager assistant just gets coffee and drinks for producers and other top staffers. This is not usually the case, as more routine “go-for” jobs are usually mixed with actual work on the set. Production assistants often play key roles in controlling the environment of a film or tv shoot.

One kind of daily task for many production assistants is in the work of arranging various details for the logistics of production. This might include renting vehicles or equipment. Production manager assistants might call involved people to make sure they are on the set on time. They might order food or provide for other services to be present on a set.


When the filming of a movie or television piece is going on, a production manager assistant might be asked to practice specific roles on the set, such as crowd control. The production assistants are often seen on the set making sure that onlookers stay behind various boundaries, so as not to impact the camera shots. These assistants also help to ensure that flash photography by crowds does not ruin a shot.

The production manager assistant might help with managing extras on a shoot. They might make sure that extras are practicing the correct instruction so that their presence looks and sounds right for the film. This, and a lot of other parts of a film shooting environment, often get delegated to a production assistant, and the job can be challenging when an assistant’s work directly affects the production.

A production assistant needs to have people skills and a lot of problem solving abilities. These individuals will be often be asked to “run with” a task, and creative initiative is key. Production assistants often have to make sure that they communicate well with a range of people so that all parts of a production process go smoothly. All of these requirements make the role of a production assistant a challenging but rewarding one.


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