What Does a Printer Technician Do?

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A printer technician services computer printers in office environments and maintenance facilities. Technicians can perform repairs and routine part replacements, including loading in new ink cartridges, if necessary. They also handle network troubleshooting and related issues. Many manufacturers produce multifunction printers, requiring technicians to be comfortable not just with printing but also copying, faxing, image production, and related activities. Jobs in this field are available through service companies, printer manufacturers, and individual companies that want on-site staffing.

On field jobs, printer technicians respond to calls about printers that are not functioning. A dispatcher creates a trouble ticket with information about the job, including any error codes reported by the client. The technician can use this information to determine what kinds of tools and supplies might be needed. Upon arrival, the printer can be inspected to learn more about the nature of the problem. Printer technicians can generate detailed documentation on the situation and the repair options to help the client decide on the best choice.


If there is a mechanical issue, the printer technician may need to take the printer apart to replace or service components. Sometimes the task requires clearing a jam or replacing an ink cartridge, which can be relatively simple. Other cases require more delicate work, and in some instances the technician may recommend that the client send the printer in for servicing and use a replacement unit while the repairs are completed. This may be necessary if a printer requires a rare part or needs to be serviced in a special clean environment.

In cases where the problem lies with network configuration, the printer technician can work to resolve the issue. This may involve coordinating with information technology staff, addressing a virus, or resolving an underlying problem with the network. Incompatibility can sometimes occur as a result of changes to the network or system, like attempts to increase security that accidentally lock users out of the printer network. A printer technician can also provide advice and information to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Printers may be sent to a warehouse or workshop for servicing if an issue is complex. Printer technicians can also perform warranty repairs and service on refurbished units, in which case the product will be packaged and resold at a discount. This work requires less direct customer interaction because technicians work in a private environment, but can involve coordinating with and supervising other staff. A printer technician may also need to organize schedules and perform other administrative tasks.


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This description of a printer technician is spot on. One thing you didn't speak about is that there are three kinds of shops: that would be copier dealerships expanding into printers where the technician applies his experience from copiers into the printer field. The next is the straight printer shop in which the techs may or may not be factory certified but in general have a greater level of training than the copier dealership and the third is the mom and pop shops and/or freelance printer technicians. These are people that usually have good experience with printers and copiers and are quite adept at fixing the problem. Price wise, it's copier dealer, dedicated shop, mom and pop, freelance.

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