What Does a Part-Time Nanny Do?

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A part-time nanny is a person who provides childcare for a child or all of a family's children on a part-time schedule. Usually, this care is provided in the family's home. Besides basic childcare, a nanny may provide other services, such as bathing a child or helping him with school work. Sometimes, he or she may be responsible for taking the child places outside the home, such as to the park or the local library. A part-time nanny might also perform some housework-related duties, but these are usually minimal and restricted to things like washing the dishes a child uses or cleaning his laundry.

Typically, a part-time nanny provides childcare for one or more related children. In most cases, a nanny provides this care in a child’s own home and without the supervision of other adults. The types of care a person with this title provides are usually wide and varied. Often, a nanny cares for the child in the same way his own mother would by making sure he is supervised and entertained and ensuring that his basic needs for such things as clothing, food, and rest are provided. A part-time nanny is typically responsible for providing support and comfort as well.


Besides the care he or she provides for a child, a nanny might also have duties that involve hygiene and grooming. For instance, a nanny might bathe his or her charges or style their hair. If a child is injured, he or she might provide basic first aid. In many cases, a person with this title is also responsible for caring for the children to whom he or she is assigned when they are sick. Minor illnesses often only require nurturing and supportive care from a nanny, but serious illnesses might warrant a trip to a doctor or a request that the child’s parents return home.

Part-time nannies sometimes do housework, but these duties are often very minimal. In many cases, they are assigned because they are related to the child for which he or she is responsible. For example, a part-time nanny might prepare meals for the child in his or her care and clean any dishes dirtied after a meal. He or she might also do light chores like sweeping or vacuuming, especially after a mess the child has made. Sometimes this type of nanny might also tidy a child’s room or wash and dry his clothing.

The term part-time is usually applied to a nanny who works fewer than 40 hours per week. The number of hours a person with this position works can vary widely, however. For instance, some might only work a few hours per week while others work 20, 30, or more. The work schedule depends on the family’s needs and the availability of the nanny.


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