What does a Parachute Rigger do?

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Parachute riggers have the important and life-saving job of ensuring that a parachute is properly equipped. Many parachute riggers are military personnel who undergo extensive airborne training and have an in-depth knowledge of aerial delivery and maintenance. Most parachute riggers go through several months of basic and advanced training before creating parachutes for others.

Parachute riggers go through an intensive training process in which they learn effective parachute rigging and aerial delivery. Individuals must know how to rig a parachute for people and cargo. Because of safety precautions, there are strict standards that parachute riggers must abide by. The parachute rigger must always be confident that any parachute he creates and packs will hold up under various conditions. Being a parachute rigger requires both mental and physical agility and an intense pride in one's craftsmanship.

The core things that parachute riggers learn include how to properly assemble a parachute, pack it, and attach equipment that needs to be dropped. Parachute riggers have the lives of others as well as important cargo dependent on their experience. In addition to learning how to rig a parachute, parachute riggers must also know how to repair a parachute that has been damaged. Parachutes must be examined for any potential damage and sewing and repair expertise is needed to fix damaged parachutes.


Parachute riggers must also understand the concept of breaking strengths. Identifying what a parachute can and cannot hold in weight is crucial to the proper utilization of the parachute. Damages, injuries, and even death can occur when a parachute rigger does not fully understand weight management. Most parachutes are able to handle up to 150 pounds (68 kg) of cargo, and parachute riggers understand how to attach additional parachutes based on weight.

A parachute rigger needs excellent concentration, strong analytical skills, and a highly detail-oriented mindset. Supplies are often dropped using parachutes when a disaster or catastrophe prevents other relief from reaching an area. They are often responsible for the packing and delivery of pallets that contain food and water. Some cargo is flown into areas where military personnel have limited supplies and are essential to military operations.

Parachutes are an imperative piece of survival equipment that are needed in emergencies and hazardous assignments. The devices have rescued thousands of lives and will continue to be an important component in crisis situations. For this reason, parachutes will always be needed for civil and military purposes.


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