What does a Nursing Home Director do?

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A nursing home director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a nursing home. He or she supervises the entire nursing staff, creates a budget, keeps track of what needed supplies, hires and fires staff members, and makes sure that all residents of the home are safe and cared for. Staff work schedules, rules and procedures are often created by the nursing home director. If a problem occurs with the staff, it is the job of the director to take care of it. The director will also meet with the administrator and other senior members of the staff to discuss the progress of the staff, the budget and any issues in the home.

All of the nursing staff, including registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and volunteers report directly to the nursing home director. He or she is responsible for making sure staff members do their jobs correctly and that they have adequate training for their position. Many times, the director will arrange required training sessions for the staff.


Workers who apply for a job with a nursing home have an interview with the nursing home director, and he or she decides whether any new workers are hired. The director makes sure there is enough money in the budget to support any new staff, determines whether new staff is needed, and checks the references of the new worker. It is also up to the director to decide whether to fire any staff member who isn't meeting the facility's work standards.

Many of the rules and procedures in a nursing home are created and enforced by the director and other senior members of the staff. These procedures often inform the staff of how to care for the home's residents. A good nursing home director speaks to the residents of the home and makes sure they are satisfied with the level of care they are receiving. If any resident is dissatisfied, the director is responsible for investigating the problem and resolving it.

The nursing home director must do a lot of research to ensure that the home follows all state rules and regulations. The research also will help the director determine what improvements could help the home. New equipment and supplies are looked at by the director, who determines if there is a need for it, enough money for it, and if it would improve the quality of care in the nursing home.


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