What does a Nursery Nurse do?

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A nursery nurse may be a licensed medical provider who works in the newborn ward of a hospital, or he or she may be a daycare administrator caring for children up to five years of age. Duties for this type of position range from providing skilled medical care to preparing lesson plans that engage children on a variety of educational levels. Individuals interested in pursuing this type of career should be prepared to complete their secondary education as well as pursue some post-secondary training.

In the US, a nursery nurse is a licensed professional who works with newborn babies. He or she is trained to monitor the health of the babies and ensure they are warm, well fed, and breathing without trouble. They may also be certified to work with premature babies and high-risk babies who must be kept in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) until they are well enough to go home with their mothers.

This type of position typically requires a secondary education and some post-secondary training. A registered nurse must complete a four year undergraduate degree in nursing and pass a licensing exam. A licensed practicing nurse must only complete two years of training and also pass a licensing exam. Courses may be taken at a traditional four year university, a community college, or a local hospital that offers professional training courses.


In the UK and other European countries, a nursery nurse is a licensed child care giver who is employed by a daycare facility or private home to look after children. His or her duties can include playing with the children, preparing educational lessons for them, and administering to the medical needs of the children. These medical needs may include administering doctor prescribed medicine or daily injections, and monitoring the condition of sick children.

When employed by a daycare facility, the nursery nurse may be placed in charge of all staff for one particular age group or learning room. He may be asked to create lesson plans that incorporate music and other learning games into the childrens' daily activities. The nursery nurse, as a senior staff member, trains new employees and instructs them on the rules and expectations of the hiring facility. He often interacts with parents, keeping them updated on their child's learning progress and daily accomplishments.

Individuals in the UK who are interested in becoming a nursery nurse should complete a secondary education and pursue post-secondary training. This type of training is available from CACHE, a charity organization that specializes in the care and welfare of children. Diplomas received from this agency are nationally recognized and are accepted by a majority of child care facilities.


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