What Does a Network Representative Do?

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A network representative liaises between members and clients of a network like a health care organization or telecommunications company. The job includes a combination of direct customer service with clients of the company and recruitment and relations between providers who serve as part of the network. It may require a college degree along with experience in the industry and strong customer service and communication skills. Job listings are often public and people can also contact specific companies if they are interested in positions with them.

Acting on behalf of the parent organization, a network representative can recruit new members and clients. In the example of a health care services network, this can involve meeting with physicians, hospital officials, clinic directors, and representatives of other medical facilities. The network representative provides information, negotiates contracts for services, and works with members to retain them. This can include resolutions to billing and payment problems or discussions about company policy.

Customers may work with a network representative when they enroll or have problems. Customers at a telecommunications company, for instance, interact with a representative to set up an account, decide on the services they need, and handle billing and payment questions. If customers have issues like interruptions in phone service or a problem with telephone harassment, they would contact a network representative to discuss their options. Resolving customer complaints can require activities like scheduling repair personnel, making changes to an account, or providing people with information about third party options.


Within the company, network representatives can contribute to policy discussions, to help the company develop functional and effective policy. Their direct interactions with members familiarize them with issues that come up in the field that could be addressed with policy changes. A network representative may also participate in training for other representatives, like people taking on new regions, to ensure consistency in the network’s services and customer service activities.

Good people skills are critical for a network representative. The job can include working with people who are agitated or upset, in situations where staying calm and focused is important. When interacting with members, the representative also needs to be able to provide clear and useful information to give companies and individuals a reason to join and stay with the organization. In a health network, for example, doctors need to know that the extra paperwork and other administrative duties associated with membership will generate patients and prompt payments.


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