What Does a Network Administrator Assistant Do?

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A network administrator assistant helps to set up and monitor a company's computer network. These individuals work with a network administrator to maintain an efficiently working network so that tasks can be completed and information can easily be shared. Being successful in this career usually requires a person with computer expertise, innovative thinking and problem solving skills. Generally speaking, an individual must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in information systems or information technology to get into this career. Common duties of a network administrator assistant include identifying a facility's needs, designing and setting up a network, training employees on network use, troubleshooting problems and making network modifications.

Prior to setting up a network, it's usually necessary for the network administrator and the network administrator assistant to first identify a facility's needs. For example, the assistant might need to determine how many computers need to be installed, their intended locations and what additional equipment is required. In most cases, an individual in this role will meet with company supervisors to identify the specifics. Having a clear understanding of a facility's needs is necessary before any other steps can be taken.


After this, a network administrator assistant will help to design and set up the network. This usually involves connecting computers and installing all of the necessary hardware and software to get the network up and running. In most cases, he will also need to set up a wireless network by installing a router. To ensure security, users will likely be required to log in with a username and password to prevent unauthorized access to the network.

Along with this, it's often his responsibility to help train employees on how to use a network. Many times, a network administrator assistant will provide employees with a training seminar to get them all up to speed on the details. He might also spend some time working with certain employees one-on-one and answering any relevant questions.

Whenever there are issues with a computer network, a network administrator assistant will need to troubleshoot the problem areas. For example, if there is a virus, he would take the necessary steps to remove it. Since system malfunctions are often unpredictable, an individual in this role must be prepared to quickly solve problems on short notice. He must also be able to tackle a variety of issues and quickly return a system back to normal.

Additionally, it's sometimes necessary for a network administrator assistant to make occasional network modifications. Whenever updates to the machines or configurations are required, he will take care of them. Also, he is responsible for updating software when newer versions are available.


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